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CP-125 Desoldering Wik

  1. Material: 100 % Copper
  2. Length : 3 Meters
  3. Width : 2.5 mm
  4. Type: C
  5. Iron Capacity: 10 to 50 Watt

Desoldering Wick


Solder wick is composed of copper threads braided together. Flux is normally added to help the solder flow from where it is not supposed to be (the jumper) to the wick. Hence, solder wick is sometimes called desolder braid

  • Copper Braiding Length: 1.5mt
  • Copper Braiding Width: 2.5mm
  • Copper mesh for desoldering purpose,
  • Desoldering copper wire
  • Pure oxygen-free copper wire

Mechanic Desoldering Wire R-350


High efficiency and save the electric repairing time. Avoid the high temperature destruction of electric pad. Design in precision,guarantee the max surface tension and the ability of absorbing tin. Speed up the speed of absorbing tin and low residue of flux. Increase the speed of cleaning the PCB pad. Oxidation resistivity and anti-corrosion protection,good thermal conductivity.

Relife Rl-058 3 In 1 Chip Welding Equipments Solder Set


RL-058 3 in 1 chip welding special set
. A set to solve the problem of chip soldering
.tube type BGA solder paste,Contains imported flux for better soldering effect

Relife RL1520 Desoldering Solder Remover Wick Wire

  • Hight quality Shell: The body of the desoldering pen shell is made of high quality ABS, which make the solder sucker delicate and durable, make it comfortable to hold, thus it can be used for a long time
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